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Wonderful things I grow in my garden

I managed to source some seeds this week from a fellow gardener who grows and sells microgreens, and seeds. She delivers them to peoples homes, so I felt very blessed to get my delivery placed into my cooler box outside the front door. I planted the corn into a plastic container with a lid, and then also planted some in among the asparagus. I know you are not supposed to plant anything with the asparagus, but I am sure they wouldn’t mind as they are still tiny plants. Then to plant the microgreens…..

The red cabbage and ceylon spinach I planted out in the polysterene wicking beds against the fence. I have covered them with pieces of shadecloth to keep the hot sun off them. When people say plant in the full sun, I am sure they are not referring to full tropical sun. I have suspended a bit of netting over this bed of greens, but am going to have to use a more substantial shade cloth as the plants are struggling in the middle of the day. This is why I love loose leaf lettuce …..

I tie them to a stake and then just cut the lower leaves along the stem, and they keep giving and giving… Most days I have a salad for lunch, and every day there is something from the garden included. Today I had also planted out a little basil plant that I bought.

I had to cut it back as it was way too tall, so ended up with a bunch of basil. After a bit of research I found a basil salad dressing, but of course changed it around and added ingredients until I thought it was perfect. Place in a blender a handful of fresh basil leaves, about a third of a cup of olive oil, the zest of a couple of limes and one tangerine, then the juice of the limes and the flesh of the tangerine. You can also add a bit of water if you like your dressings more liquid. My! it brought my lunchtime up to a new level….along with a bottle of cinnamon apple kombucha.

Let me know what you think of the salad dressing, and I dont mind if you adjust it to what you have on hand. That is what it is all about these days isn’t it? Using what you have on hand, and trying to grow as much home grown goodness as you can!

By africanaussie

I will be sharing the little things we can all do to make this wonderful world a cleaner, greener place to live.

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