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Compost awareness week

Well, there you go! – it is compost awareness week once again! I have been using in ground worm buckets for a couple of years now. Both my compost bin and my compost tumbler are full to the brim, so I decided I would insert a worm bucket into my herb spiral. I dug out some soil, and then placed the bucket into the hole, so that the top is about level with the ground. The bucket has some holes drilled into the bottom and sides.

I have had a bucket humming along slowly in one of my raised beds, but was thinning out some of my gerberas and decided this was just the spot to add another.

Then I added a bit of compost from the last worm bucket and a bit of chopped up food scraps, and a layer of coir to keep the worms moist and happy. I sometimes put a layer of shredded paper on top. Tiger worms do not like the light, so it is best to have a layer of some kind of bedding on top.

On top of that I placed a plant saucer, really anything will do, just to have the bucket covered. I like the way this then becomes a little bath for butterflies and dragonflies.

Have you ever used in ground worm bins or or tubes? I find they are so useful in getting the goodness right where you need it, and and can move them around quite easily. Give it a try….. and if you need to know my story of how I originally obtained my red wriggler worms – check this story out for a bit of a laugh…..

By africanaussie

I will be sharing the little things we can all do to make this wonderful world a cleaner, greener place to live.

5 replies on “Compost awareness week”

Happy compost week!
Great idea! I have some holey orchid pots that I’ll try
the making some in-ground ‘worm hubs’.



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