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Intense planting – in the garden

My policy, since I have a small garden, is to use every inch of soil to grow plants. Empty areas seem a bit of a waste, so I sow seeds intensely, and then start to harvest as microgreens. This way I can often eat the food I have grown before the bugs find them!

I have a row of polystyrene wicking boxes alongside the fence, and these are perfect to plant out the seeds, as the soil remains moist. If there is a bare spot in the raised beds, I can dig up a handful of little seedlings from the wicking beds and plant them out so they can grow a bit bigger.

In the middle bed the mibuna was being overcome by caterpillars, so I cut off the offending leaves, and realized that most of the row had been affected. I removed those and then planted a couple of rows of mixed lettuce seeds.

The corn has started flowering , so I jiggled them all around a little bit since they are wind pollinated and there hasn’t been much natural wind lately. I also removed/severely cut back the mandevilla vine which was behind the herb spiral. This has let in a lot more light and hopefully the vine recovers and I can manage it a bit better.

Just about every day for lunch I pick greens from the garden, here I have rocket slathered with homemade herby mayonnaise. Yellow capsicum, chopped pear, and a piece of fish leftover form last nights dinner. Yummo!

What are you lunching on?

By africanaussie

I will be sharing the little things we can all do to make this wonderful world a cleaner, greener place to live.

6 replies on “Intense planting – in the garden”

We are happily munching on salads at lunchtime that include little home grown tomatoes. This year, I have grown a cherry-like tomato heritage variety called ‘Lemon Drop’. Perfect!

Nothung like eating produce you’ve grown yourself!


Your edible garden area is looking lovely. I can see great changes from when I first started to follow your blog and I am sure that you have found the built up edges and having a good pathway has made things easier to manage. Always learning from your blog posts thank you.


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