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Aerated compost tea – In the garden

Most of my gardening endeavors start with amending the soil. Even though I have a small garden I compost as much as possible, in as many ways as possible. My tumbling compost bin is my favourite, since everything is contained and vermin cannot get in, and also tumbling keeps everything nicely mixed. Recently I heard about aerated compost tea.

I filled a sand bag with compost and tied the top closed, then placed it into a plastic storage bin. This was the biggest container that I had handy, and if it works I might add a faucet to the side to make it easy to harvest the liquid. I topped the plastic container with water that had been standing for a couple of hours to make sure any chlorine evaporated, since I only have town water. I then added about a half a cup of molasses, as this adds food for the microbes.

Then I inserted a little aquarium pump, and left it running. It is supposed to run continuously for about 24 hours. but the pump was getting hot, so I turned it off for a couple of hours in the middle of the night.

After two days I picked up the (heavy) bag and dumped that out into the standing compost bin. Then I could scoop out the lovely liquid with the watering can and water my veggies. It didn’t smell bad at all – the molasses scent was still quite strong. I do want to do it again for my citrus trees, as they are producing lovely lemons and limes, and I think deserve a reward!

Has anyone else activated their compost tea?

By africanaussie

I will be sharing the little things we can all do to make this wonderful world a cleaner, greener place to live.

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