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Memories of my travels in Serbia – In the kitchen

Friday evenings you can mostly find me snuggled up in my recliner with a pot of tea, watching Better Homes and Gardens. A couple of weeks ago my ears perked up when Fast Ed commented that he was making burek. Memories came flooding back of the trip I did with my daughter and her husband almost a year ago now. Little did I realize that overseas travel was soon to come to a grinding halt. We had stayed a couple of nights at an airBnb where a lovely lady brought us a home made burek for dinner. She had made the cheese inside it, and every morning we saw her taking her cows out to pasture, a memory I will treasure forever.

The next day we went on a boat trip and a long rocky hike (I only made it halfway up!) then we went into a cave, but what I most enjoyed was just lying in one of the many hammocks and reading my book, accompanied by the cow bells tinkling in the grass next door.

I was rather anxious to make the variation that was on the TV so went out and bought the magazine, and invited a friend around for lunch! It is stuffed not only with cheese, but tons of vegetables, a huge improvement I think, especially because you cannot get the exact cheese that they use in Serbia, called Kajmak, which comes in a lovely little wooden tub! (or is homemade by a lovely neighbor).

I didnt follow the recipe exactly,( as usual) I used a mixture of lots of roasted vegetables, plus extra ricotta, and grated cheddar. Laid on top of a long base of phyllo brushed layer by layer with butter. Then rolled up into a lovely coil and baked until golden, shared in the garden with a friend. The little packages contained meat and cheese for a hubby who is veggie adverse.

Does anyone else love to cook different foods you have learned on your travels? Especially these days when overseas travel seem so far away, but for now we have to travel though our photos and memories, and taste buds……

By africanaussie

I will be sharing the little things we can all do to make this wonderful world a cleaner, greener place to live.

4 replies on “Memories of my travels in Serbia – In the kitchen”

I’m also an avid watcher of “Better Homes and Gardens”. I will have to try this recipe, looks quite interesting.


Having a few months in isolation was OK at first but now I am so ready to do some traveling….or even just go out to a restaurant in the big city. As you said…..this corona virus has been a shock to our travel plans. Who knows when i will get off this island next. It does not look good for this year. I am so grateful for the places I have seen though and all the foods and experiences had. I often think I will make food that I see abroad but am not so good at actually doing it when I get home. On the other hand there are small changes… enjoying Roselle/ Hibiscus tea now after drinking it so much in Egypt. Your Serbian stuffed pastry looks yummy….and yes ….the memories of places traveled are so wonderful to go over again in your mind..

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With daughters and grandchildren overseas it is a bit worrying to think about when we will will travel again. Thanks heavens for video calling! I grow rosella in my garden – just love the tea, especially the pink colour!


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