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The buzz of beeswax

I have been making and using beeswax wraps for about a year now. Reducing plastic in our lives is so important. Plastic never goes away, and it is really worrying to think about that fact. Micro-beads of plastic are showing up in the fish we eat, and the only way we can stop this occurring […]

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Compost awareness week

Well, there you go! – it is compost awareness week once again! I have been using in ground worm buckets for a couple of years now. Both my compost bin and my compost tumbler are full to the brim, so I decided I would insert a worm bucket into my herb spiral. I dug out […]

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Earth Hour will still go on – but differently

Normally we switch off our lights for an hour during Earth Hour, this year it will be different. If you are participating, post a notice on your facebook page. See the details here: Sign up and watch some marvelous shows from the comfort of your couch as you stay at home. Now more than […]